The computer game Smashing The Battle is about a construction site that fell victim to a burglary. Because of this, construction robots start attacking workers on the construction site. The game consists of two storylines in which two heroines tell different stories. So be sure to follow their fate. The best tests await you.

Smashing The Battle, you have to upgrade your character and fight hordes of monsters. The essence of the game is quite simple, you are sent on a special mission in one of the different game modes, where you then need to tap the screen to kill all the enemies.  Improve your character, and leveling up will make him stronger.


Smashing the Battle Download PC Game is an exciting action/slasher game in which you play as beautiful ladies. The plot of the game tells us about a situation that occurred in 2085. An incident occurred at one of the construction sites: hackers attacked robots. who were able to take control of them. Androids are organizing attacks on people, so a worker decides to take matters into his own hands to save his friend. Sarah dons a special suit that she inherited from a Lorien security representative. He is soon joined by another member, Marie, a trained security officer. The girls have to go through a difficult path to regain control of the robots.

The player has the opportunity to destroy many enemies waiting for him in each part of the level. It is worth noting that you will have to go through more than 30 stages, which will be accompanied by many enemies and bosses. Opponents have different characteristics, sizes, and weapons, which adds variety to the game. The main character’s costume helps to cope with constant battles, and the weapon – a wrench – is great for destroying opponents. For killings, you receive coins and pieces of metal, with the help of which the characteristics of the hero, weapon, and costume are improved.

Key Features:

  • The two heroines tell different stories, so be sure to follow their fates to the end.
  • Each heroine has a unique gameplay experience, so the stories will unfold with new and interesting challenges.
  • Some enemies can unleash devastating attacks, filling the entire screen with explosives that must be dodged.
  • You must dodge and squeeze between shots to destroy the enemy!
  • Fan art drawn by many talented artists during production was added to the game as additional content.
  • Enjoy unlocking them by completing additional tasks!

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTS 450
  • Memory: 2 GB free space

Recommended Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Video card: Nvidia GTX 760
  • Disk space: 2 GB of free space

How to install:

  • Download all parts from the links below
  • Right-click the first part and select “Extract Here”.
  • The rest of the parts are extracted automatically.
  • To do this, Winrar must be installed.
  • Now right-click the extracted Iso file and click Extract Here again.
  • OR You can also open the ISO using the UltraISO software.
  • In the 3rd pane at the top of UltraISO, click the Mount to Virtual Disk icon to mount it.
  • Then go to the virtual disk and open it.
  • This usually happens immediately after work.
  • After installation or unpacking, right-click on the Setup.
  • exe file and select Run as administrator to begin installing the game.
  • Wait for the game to install on your computer.
  • When the installation is complete, open the Crack folder, copy all the files from there, and paste them into the directory where you installed the game.
  • For example, if you installed the game in My Computer> Local Hard Drive C>
    Program Files> Smashing The Battle, add those files to that directory.
  • When prompted, click Replace.
  • Right-click the .exe icon for the game, then click Run as administrator to launch the game.
  • Enjoy.

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