Tekken 4 Crack PC Game is a fighting video game developed and published by Namco as the fifth major installment in the Tekken series. It was released as an arcade game in 2001 and on PlayStation 2 in 2002. Tekken 4 PC Game has generally received positive reviews. As a result, a sequel to Tekken Five was released in 2005.

With the plot highlight mode in the home edition, the game has also been home to many of the game’s revisions, such as the series’ unique ability for the player to move before a round begins and the introduction of all stages. There are up to 23 characters to choose from, including six new ones. The game’s story reveals that Kazuya survived falling into the volcano twenty years ago and entered the Iron King 4 tournament to recover the Mishima Zaibatsu. You can also download Tekken 3.


Tekken 4 Full Game brought significant changes to the gameplay compared to the previous games in the series. For the first time, it allowed players to maneuver around the arena by interacting with walls and other obstacles to inflict additional damage. These “environmental hazards” allowed players to match opponents in straight sets and designers to implement a “switch maneuver,” which allowed players to escape corners and throw the tide in their favor. Finally, the game introduced a new graphics system featuring improved lighting, dynamic physics, and smoother surfaces.

The console version of Tekken 4 Free Download includes a small combat game available from the beginning called Tekken Force. Similar to the last mini-game found in Tekken 3, it offers the player an over-the-shoulder perspective as he fights wave after wave of Heihachi’si’s Tekken Force through 4 stages, eventually facing Heihachi himself. The player can collect health and power-ups while fighting waves of enemies.


Two years after The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, Heihachi Mishima and his scientists took blood and tissue samples from a ghoul to link themHeihachi’shi’s genome and make him immortal. Unfortunately, the experiment failed because Heihachi lacked the necessary demonic gene. Heihachi searches for his grandson, Jin Kazama, who has the Devil Gene but has been missing since the last tournament. Heihachi sends his Tekken forces to raid G Corporation and retrieve Kazuya’s remains.

To lure Kazuya and Jin, Heihachi announces King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, with Mishima Zaibatsu being the first prize, believing that his son and grandson will come to him for their motives for revenge.  Father and son face off in battle, and Heihachi wins. After the fight, Heihachi takes Kazuya to Hon Maru, a Mishima dojo in the forest where Jin has been chained unconscious.

Design and User Experience – Free Download Tekken 4 APK for Android

In terms of design and user experience, Tekken 4 aimed to offer players a polished and fun fighting game. The menu and interface were easy to use, making it easy for beginners and veterans alike to get started. The character selection screen featured detailed character models displaying intricate character designs, allowing players to see their chosen fighters up close.

Tekken 4’s controls were responsive and intuitive, allowing for precise inputs and combos. This accessibility, combined with the depth and complexity of the game, made it attractive to a wide range of players, from casual players looking for a quick fight to competitive players looking to master the intricacies of the game. The Tekken 4 single-player game included a story mode that provided context for each character’s journey and motivation. While the narrative wasn’t the main focus of the game, it added an extra layer of interest for those interested in Tekken’s lore.


Multiplayer was an important aspect of the Tekken 4 user experience, allowing players to test their skills against friends or other fighters from around the world. The game supported both local multiplayer and online play (on PlayStation 2), ensuring that players could always find a worthy opponent.

Tekken 4 is a fighting game, the fifth installment in the Tekken series, developed by Namco. This part features scenes with walls for the first time. Tekken 4 made some significant changes to the game. The player can now maneuver using walls to deal additional damage to the enemy. The developers have come up with the “Switch Maneuver”, with which the player can now change his position from the wall and avoid disaster. You can also download Tekken 3.

The game’s graphics are an aspect that can be seriously taken care of in Tekken 4. You will now see smoother surfaces, improved lighting, and dynamic physics. Some characters have returned to the game and their costumes have changed slightly. The character Mokujin was replaced by a similar character called Combat. There are a total of 23 characters in the game, some of which were recently introduced. and some characters have returned from the Tekken 2 game. You can also download the Tekken 5 game for PC. You can play this game on a Windows PC using the PCSX2 emulator.

Key Features:

  • Fighting game.
  • For the first time, scenes with walls were presented.
  • A change maneuver was introduced.
  • smoother graphics.
  • Increased lighting and dynamic physics.
  • The character Mokujin was replaced by Combot.
  • 23 characters were presented.
  • Includes Tekken Force minigame.

System requirements :

  • CPU: Dual-core clock at least 3.8GHz
  • GPU: at least 8800GT
  • At least 2 GB of memory

Tekken 4 Screenshots:


What’s new?

  • Tekken 4 updated to 7
  • Not much has changed.
  • Both have slightly different features and gameplay.
  • The crash issue has been resolved.
  • Now you can enjoy the new characters.

How to install:

  • Download the zip file using a torrent download manager.
  • Extract the iso disk image.
  • Run an ISO mounting program such as Daemon Tools.
  • Install the game.
  • Click the shortcut on your desktop.
  • Start the game.
  • Enjoy playing the game you want.


With so many characters to play in different game modes, I must say that this Tekken 4 APK is the best Tekken game yet. So if you are a fan of this franchise, don’t wait any longer and download the game right now.


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